ZiiZii is the Free App that Makes Order Entry Easy!

Use this app to build and submit orders using a variety of input methods: searching, category browsing, traditional SKU/quantity speed-entry, and barcode scanning.

No Internet? No problem!

ZiiZii doesn't need a constant Internet connection so no worries if you don't have cell or Wi-Fi coverage all the time.

Phone and Tablet Compatible!

Install the app on today's most popular smart phones, tablets, and iPods. Works with Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire systems.

Fast Order Entry!

Welcome to the 21st century! Quickly find items, add them to your order and send it for processing. We'll have new product on your shelves in no time.

Increased Sales!

ZiiZii will be your most efficient employee. Some companies have reported a 20% increase in same-store sales after installing it. It’s fast, efficient and doesn’t need a bonus to do the job!



We're fast - really fast - thanks to our technology and efficient warehouse operations. Using our mobile app, ZiiZii, our stores can order product as soon as it's needed using a smartphone or iPad. We get your order instantly and start fulfillment immediately, then it's delivered to your door.


We use the latest advancements in wholesale distribution and warehouse automation to ensure accuracy. You will get the product and quantity you need, when you need it.


With each order and each delivery, we guarantee personal service at your store and from our warehouse personnel. If there are questions or issues with your order - we're there to help.



AAA Wholesale is Mississippi’s premier full-line distributor for independent convenience stores, with an unmatched selection of products. We supply everything you need to keep your customers happy, from snacks and drinks to novelties and tobacco products.

Coffee Club

You already know coffee commands the lion’s share of your in-store beverage sales. And studies prove that coffee-drinking customers spend more time and money in your store. So give them a better coffee experience!

AAA will work with you to set up a coffee loyalty program, or upgrade the one you have. Trust us to provide the first-rate coffee, supplies, and know-how for a delicious customer coffee experience, and keep them coming back for more!



AAA Wholesale provides merchandising support to our retailers with assistance in restocking and in ordering the right products for your customers. We are always happy to provide information, merchandising expertise, and training about the products we handle.

Contact us at any time for more information on AAA sales and support at our business office at 601.982.0215 or email